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Welcome to the Norfolk Broads Boat Hire Resource

written to assist those wanting to hire a boat on the Norfolk Broads.

Browse the site to get a feel of what the Norfolk Broads has to offer. We have maps
and guides to the villages and towns in the area together with distance charts and
suggested itineraries to make the most of your Norfolk Broads boat hire holiday.

Use the search facility below to find your boating options. It lists every boat available


together with the smaller independent boatyards.

This database lists all boat hire operators, each with direct links to their reservation systems. Use the
drop down boxes to display only the boats with the closest match to your requirements. Click the individual red ?'s for
an explanation of each parameter or more information. There are no fees or hidden charges for using this site.

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For the complete you need to consult the Resource. We have all the information in our pages which you will need to
make the most of your holiday. Uniquely, we are the only guide which lists Norfolk Broads boating holidays not just through the major operators - Hoseasons and Blakes, but also the independent boatyards you might find hard to locate. So to be properly informed, make sure you consult The Norfolk Broads Boat Hire Resource.

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What can you expect on a Hoseasons or Blakes boating holiday?

Are there speed limits?

There are limits of between 3 and 6 miles an hour on certain stretches. This is usually in narrow or busy stretches of water. Anyway, with all that wonderful scenery passing you by, why rush?

I have never driven a boat before – does this matter?

Many first time holidaymakers arrive to take over a boat every week. You do not need a license and the controls are quite simple with just the wheel and a single throttle lever for both forward and reverse. You will also be taken out onto the river by an experienced staff member who will instruct you how to manoeuvre and to moor.

What shouldn't’t I bring?

Your boat's electric systems will not be able to handle domestic appliances such as heated rollers, travel irons or heaters
unless it has a 240v inverter fitted (the boat descriptions will tell you) and even in these cases, it is wise to contact the boatyard before you bring along a particular "must have" piece of equipment. Items such as bicycles and canoes are not normally
allowed on your boat without permission, though you can trail a dinghy behind your craft if required. Again, contact the boatyard
in question for clarification.

What about safety?

You will find a skippers handbook onboard your boat filled with do's and don'ts to keep you safe. Life jackets are provided free of charge on demand at your boatyard. Wear rubber soled shoes whilst on deck and keep a watch on children whilst underway.

Can we fish on all rivers?

The close season is from mid March to mid June. All other times you are allowed to fish without restriction. However, you will need an Environment Agency licence which can be obtained from a post office. Please obtain it before you come on holiday.

How far can we travel on an average day?

At an average of 5 miles per hour, cruising a couple of hours in the morning and the same in the afternoon, you will find you have plenty of time to visit onshore towns and villages and should cover around 80 to 100 miles on a weeks holiday. Take a look at our Norfolk Broads map and village directories to see what is available within your cruising area.

When can I embark?

Normal take over time is around 2.30pm if you are on a short break and between 2 and 4pm if you are on holiday for a week or more. If you are going to arrive later than these time, you must telephone the boatyard to let them know and to make arrangements for take-over.

Is insurance necessary?

The boat will be insured through the damage waiver system (see our costings page for more information) and will have been included in the overall hire cost. Naturally, you are expected to look after the boat and not to put it (and possibly your crew) in any danger. You will also be offered Propeller Insurance against the cost of a diver being required in the event it becomes entangled

Booking Deposit/Cancellation Cover

Holidays include cancellation protection which will give cover for loss of deposit and booking charges should the reason for cancellation fall within the terms of the insurance.

Can we bring pets aboard?

Yes, up to two pets are allowed on board cruisers, though a small fee is payable which will be added to your invoice cost. Very large dogs may be restricted so it is wise to contact your boatyard to check if you can bring them.

Where can we stop overnight?

75% of moorings are free to stay overnight and include Blakes and Hoseasons boatyards, most pub moorings and village staithes. The remainder such as the local authority moorings at Norwich and Yarmouth will charge a small fee for overnight moorings.

What about fuel and water?

Your diesel tank will be full on takeover as will your water tanks. You will need to top up with water every few days from one of the many points along the system. Gas will be provided by bottles and under normal usage, there should be enough for cooking etc
to last the length of your holiday.

Do all boats have toilet facilities?

All cruisers are fitted with flushing, sealed unit toilets, similar to those in aircraft. If the boat's tank requires a pump out during your holiday, approach one of the many boatyards which provide this service for a fee of between £8 and £15 per toilet serviced.

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