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Suggested 3 day Itinerary starting from Brundall
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Day 1 afternoon
Brundall to Reedham
Turn left as you come out of your boatyard and enter the River Yare. First you will pass the two entrances to Rockland Broad on the right bank. A little further on, also on your left is the Beauchamp Arms. Continue down the Yare, past Cantley, with it's unmissable Sugar Factory on the left bank and the entrance to Loddon on the right. Shortly after you will arrive at the Reedham Ferry Inn, home of Norfolk's last working chain ferry. Continue on, ensuring you do not pass too close to the ferry if it is crossing the river as you could snag your propeller on the chains which pull the ferry to the opposite bank. Just around the next bend is Reedham Quay. When mooring, ensure you bring your boat to the bank heading into any prevailing tide. This will help slow your boat down as you approach and give you more control. A quay ranger is in attendance to assist if needed.
9 miles. Journey time 2 hour 15 mins
Day 2 morning
Reedham to Somerleyton
You will need to leave the quay with your boat heading into the prevailing tidal stream. This will avoid you losing control and pushing you into any moored boats close by. Again, if in doubt, ask the quay ranger for advice. One your are out into the river, continue on passing under Reedham swing rail bridge. Just after you will see the river forks. Take the right hand channel which is known as the New Cut. At the far end, the New Cut meets the River Waveney. Turn right here and continue on past the derelict rail pier which is mid-stream. Eventually you see Somerleyton rail swing bridge. Immediately before are your moorings, on the left bank.
7 miles. Journey time 1 hr 45 mins
Day 2 afternoon
Somerleyton to Oulton Broad
Continue on, under the rail bridge and on towards your moorings for the night at Oulton Broad. Eventually you will that the river forks. Take the left hand channel, which is signposted for Oulton Broad. Continue down until eventually the dyke opens out onto Oulton Broad. Moorings are available at the far end either outside the Wherry Inn or at the adjacent Yacht Station (not just for yachts) which is on the right hand side.
6.5 miles. Journey time 1 hr 30 mins
Day 3 morning
Oulton Broad to St Olaves
Retrace your steps, back out of Oulton Broad and along the dyke connecting it to the River Waveney. At the junction of the dyke with the river, keep right. You will pass Somerleyton Swing Bridge and the entrance to the New Cut, which will be on your left. Cruise on past towards the village of St Olaves. Moorings are available either side of the road bridge which crosses the river.. Be sure to approach your mooring against the tidal flow, so that it slows your boat as you approach. See our information guide for location details.
8.5 miles. Journey time 2 hrs
Day 3 afternoon
St Olaves to Rockland Broad
Ensure you leave your mooring against any tidal flow, so as to have more control of your boat, even if this means turning it before leaving the quayside. Once you are mid-stream, head back to the junction of the Waveney with the New Cut. Take the right channel down the Cut. At the far end keep left under the rail swing bridge, past Reedham quayside, the Reedham Ferry Inn and the entrance to the River Chet which leads to Loddon, on your left. Continue on up the River Yare past the sugar plant at Cantley and the Beauchamp Arms. Watch out for the dyke leading to Rockland Broad on the left bank. Take this turning and continue down the narrow dyke until you reach Rockland Broad. Here keep between the marker posts which will guide you to a narrow dyke which leads to the moorings at Rockland village. Proceed with care until you arrive at the moorings at the far end of the dyke.
12.5 miles. Journey time 2 hrs 45 mins
Day 4 morning
Rockland Broad to Brundall
Ensure you set off on schedule to get back to your home boatyard for your agreed hand back time. Head back down the dyke where it meets Rockland Broad. Take the left marked channel, which will lead you to another narrow dyke which leads back onto the main river. At the junction with the River Yare turn left. Shortly after, you will see Brundall, the location of your home boatyard.
2.5 miles Journey time 45 mins
The moorings at Reedham Quay
The moorings at Oulton Broad Yacht Station
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