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Video Guides

The Broads Authority has produced a range of videos with the first time boater in mind. These will assist in explaining the rules of the river, the intricacies of mooring a boat, passage through and mooring at Great Yarmouth and give an insight into the wildlife of the Norfolk Broads. Click on each of the header titles below to run the videos.

Introduction to cruising on the Norfolk Broads

A walk around a typical hire cruiser, how to use the life-jackets provided and advice on the correct type of foot-wear to bring. There is also an introduction to the boat's control levers and steering.
Introduction to cruiser hire video

Basic boat handling skills

How to cast off from your mooring. General advice on what to do if you encounter yachts, power-boats and even the occasional water-skier.
Basic Boat Handling Skills video

The do's and dont's of the river

Who better to advise the do's and dont's of the river than the head Navigation Ranger. Advice on how to look ahead and stay safe throughout your cruising holiday.
The Do's and Don'ts of the River video

How to reverse and turn your boat

Turning a boat is different from turning a car. The boat swivels around from the middle which means the bow (front) is swinging one way whilst the stern (back) is swinging the other. Reversing is also not straight forward as the boat will tend to drift off centre. Both manoeuvres are easy to master and this video will explain the basics.
How to Reverse and turn your Boat video

Mooring Alongside

A demonstration on how to steer your boat to come alongside, when to reduce throttle and when to apply reverse.
Mooring Alongside video

Mooring you boat

How to tie the boat up once you have moored. Also, instruction on when and how to use a mud-weight and what rond anchors are for.
Mooring Lines video

How to Moor Stern-On

Stern on mooring, where the stern is tied up to the mooring, is necessary in some boatyards and local authority moorings. This video shows how it is done.
How to Moor Stern-On  video

Passing Under Bridges

Instruction on passing under the bridges of the Norfolk Broads, including preparation and what to look out for.
Passing Under Bridges video

Crusing through Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth lies at the confluence of two rivers making the tide run fast at this point. Take a look at this video which will help you make the right decisions to ensure a safe passage through the low bridges. Help is also provided on coming in to moor against a running tide.
Passage through Great Yarmouth video

Rules of the River

A few simple do's and dont's which will enable you to enjoy your holiday in safety and with maximum enjoyment.
Rules of the River video

Responsible Boating

Making the most of the wildlife on the Broads, your part to play in keeping the Broads unspoilt, sailing hire boats and advice on where to find safe moorings.
Responsible Boating video

Potter Heigham to Salhouse Broad - fast!

This amusing video gives you a view of the rivers on a journey from Potter Heigham to Salhouse Broad. The film is speeded up so that a 3 to 4 hour journey compresses down to less than 6 minutes
Potter Heigham to Salhouse Broad - fast! video

The Locks Inn at Geldeston

The Locks Inn has stood by the side of the locks at Geldeston for hundreds of years. A favourite first with wherrymen and now with locals and visitors, this historical establishment is a must visit. This 20 minute video explores the locks and gives an insight on the importance of it's adjoining inn.
The Locks in Geldeston video

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